Went out with all the cousins last night before Kevin’s enlistment. We are really all growing up hahaha. One just got married, another’s going into army. But some thing never change. Throwback to I have no idea when. Advertisements

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Fridates. One of the most epic ones so far. Our frisbee game became a huge game of real life FIFA with Mukmin shouting out FIFA commands like he’s controlling us on the field. I love my life haha

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SEA Games Closing 

Went SEA Games Closing ceremony today! The ceremony was alright, although the ending was terrible. But the highlight of the night wasn’t the closing or the fun pack, but it was after the closing when we just sat down, talked about life, played mafia and did crazy stuff haha.   It’s been a long time since […]

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Faith-based Decision Making

“The economy of the Kingdom of God is quite simple. Every new step in the Kingdom costs us everything we have gained to date. Every time we cross a new threshold, it costs us everything we now have. Every new step may cost us all the reputation and security we have accumulated up to that […]

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Marcus and Liru

Marcus got married yesterday! It still hasn’t sunk in hahaha. We were once running around the whole house playing and tearing open Christmas presents together. But now he’s married. Haha can’t believe it… Was one of the photographers yesterday and followed the couple all the way through the day. Started with the gate crash at […]

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