We Are Home

We are finally home.. God has brought it to completion, to God be the glory..

Watching everyone walk in to our new auditorium over the past few services made me cry over and over again haha. It was really a teary Sunday haha. We are finally finally home. IMAGINARIUM.

Every single detail of this place was personally looked into and thought through by my Pastors, Pastor How and Pastor Lia. I’ve had the privilege to follow Pastors into the New Home from time to time to document their site visits. During every single visit, Pastors will look through even the smallest details, from how far the baby space door sensor reaches, to the signages, to ensuring that every single seat in the auditorium is a good seat. Every single decision was made for people. Everything was thought through by our Pastors for us.
Through the weeks, I’ve watched how many would stay overnight for many nights to plan and prepare for this service, to set up the place, to scrub the floors at 6AM in the morning even after a long day. Through all that, our Pastors also ensured that everyone never went hungry. Even on the day of opening service, Pastors made sure that everyone serving had food to eat. There is really no place like this. So so amazed, and so so thankful…

As we move into the new home, I’m excited as I know this is just the beginning of far greater things that HOGC, my church, is going to do for God.


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