Feeling nostalgic haha. We just tore down Singpost, and we are moving into our new home this weekend.

Last weekend, as I stood in the very last service in singpost, I felt so much. Singpost was a place of many ‘firsts’, a place of many breakthroughs, victories, a place of much laughter, joy and tears.

Singpost was a place where I first encountered God. I attended a Christian primary school and heard many stories of the bible. But I never understood how it was in any way relatable to me. I remember the very first time I stepped into this place for service on Easter 2011. When I got to the recept area, I asked my friend if she brought me to the right place. It looked like a rock concert haha. But as Pastor How preached, that was the first time that I found Christianity relatable to me. After service, we played catching hahaha. The people were really genuine. I enjoyed myself so much that I decided to come back the very next day. During service the next day, I felt something I’ve never felt before, which I later learned was the presence of God. That day, I decided that this was the place I want to come back to every single week.

Singpost was a place where I had my first youth camp just 2 months after I became a Christian. That revival night, as I lifted my hands to worship, God spoke to me to dream big. Today, those dreams have come to pass. It was in Singpost where I had my first CG, my first follow-up, where I first started serving and leading. It was in all the small corners of Singpost where my leaders had heart to heart talks with me, believed in me, encouraged me, taught me and guided me. It was where my Pastors first told me that they believed in me. It was the place where I found something greater to live for. It was the place where I found not just success, but significance. And I’m only one of the thousands whose life was changed in Singpost.

Last weekend, I watched people come up to give their alms and their prayers as a memorial. I watched people who had nothing give everything that they had. I watched veterans who have been giving for years give their final BFs in this building. I watched new Christians give their first BFs. Like what Pastor How said, this church is not built by millionaires, but it is build dollar by dollar, cent by cent. I will never forget that sight.

On the last page of our 10th Anniversary book, there was a photo of a large auditorium and the page said “OUR FUTURE HOME”. This weekend, we are finally moving in. We’re finally coming home. Singpost is a memorial that will be told to the third and forth generation. Singpost was great, but I believe that this is just the beginning. As we close one chapter, I’m excited to for the next chapter – IMAGINARIUM. A theater of dreams, where there will be even greater victories and greater breakthroughs. It is a place where all our imaginations will come to pass.



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