L.E.A.D. 2016

HOGC had our very first leaders conference in Imaginarium! L.E.A.D. 2016: Leadership Excellence and Development. Completely blown away by all the sessions. So captivated greatness of the vision of the church and how we are really changing the world. So challenged to grow in my character, the way I lead – both practically and spiritually, […]

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Some things just never change

Finally met over summer while everyone was free!! It’s funny how we are all now doing vastly different things in life, but yet when we come together, somehow everything still feels the same haha. Vvv grateful for this bunch in my life. We’ve known each other for 8 years and many many more to come.

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We Are Home

We are finally home.. God has brought it to completion, to God be the glory.. Watching everyone walk in to our new auditorium over the past few services made me cry over and over again haha. It was really a teary Sunday haha. We are finally finally home. IMAGINARIUM. Every single detail of this place […]

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Feeling nostalgic haha. We just tore down Singpost, and we are moving into our new home this weekend. Last weekend, as I stood in the very last service in singpost, I felt so much. Singpost was a place of many ‘firsts’, a place of many breakthroughs, victories, a place of much laughter, joy and tears. […]

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The Alternative Life

Had the most life changing camp the past 3 days. UR CAMP 2015!! We had some serious fun running around town and pouring paint (literally) on one another. But more than just the fun, the revival nights were really life-changing. In fact every revival night in HOGC is life-changing haha. Pastor How preached about living […]

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